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& o! Q; `% q* q+ S" a1. 到了考场会给你发一张信息卡,上面有你的信息,需要你签名,下面有五行,貌似是5次考试记录(officer only),有第一部分article的编号和第四部分图表的编号,比如CHE#1,Graph#2,这个卡片会存档,而且每次确保你读的文章和图表是不一样的。
/ d- s7 l+ @; _2. 专业词汇补充:Research and Development, Cyclone Separator, Centrifuge, Fluid Dynamics, Synthetics,Pressure,Viscosity,Filtration, Sedimentation,* emission,Evaporation,Alloy,Adsorption,Turbulent Flow,thermodynamics,thermometer
6 p! f* F* i. g  a$ N3 C加上包子哥总结的:reflux ratio, crystallization,synthetic chemical,fluid,calibrate,distillation,solvent,fluid,sample,protain
( ~$ g- h  r3 P* y! V* l高频词:Reflux Ratio, Turbulent Flow, thermodynamics,Distillation ,Calibrate
8 y9 j% r$ W, B. R
3. 图表题:就是那个经典Pie Charts, "Time spent proportion of two students".
9 d' x: c: C1 G0 S& F- k4 `# H* q" `- HSample:
7 E1 q: d' L: m$ L$ D  N These two pie chartsshow the time spent proportion of two students A and B.
: D. P8 `4 O# v6 d' W. }" DAs we can see fromthe left graph, student A spends 25% of his time on class, followed by each 20% percent of timespent in study, social organization and sports, leaving 15% of time spenton relaxation. As for the student B, we findthat B spends most of time, namely 40% on study, followed by 20% of time in class, another 20% for relaxation. Furthermore,Lab works takes 10% and sports takes 5% of time. If we compare these two pie charts, we can reach the followingconclusions: first, student A is probablya person who is active in social events. Alsowe can see he may be a person who would strike a balance for academics and recreations. Second, student Bis probably a hard-working student, since he spends up to 75% on academicactivities, and may also be fond of sports. But he may not be active in socialevents. This follows that B may bean introvert person and A may be an extrovert person  
, R# m+ E0 b) A  h& m; D; B" s* c4.注意,在读第一篇文章的时候,还是有很多单词是专业词汇,所以还是得找相关书籍纠正一下难词发音,因为讲的时候要用到,今天我读的第一篇文章是Fluid flow(CHE#1),主要讲Pump and Compressor,还有Valve种类 上面的比较难读的词有Centrifugal (注意重音在t上)Pump, Vanes, Reciprocating Pump, Piston, Throttling, Viscosity, fluid dynamics。。
* ]. I3 j3 l! _) e加油!
( _5 t; j7 c1 r* j

0 i1 H" h! {& ?2 \4 ]
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Lovid 发表于 2012-8-16 08:43
; T- Y3 i" R4 {$ S我去,跟我6年前考得词组都差不多,千年不变啊!

( E" [: [. j! y  Q6 J1 A+ g- p话说德州居然还承认677分的老托福,还有这个Option可以选,看来新东方原先工作还是有市场的。。
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Richardxs 发表于 2012-8-15 19:15 & v7 K# W3 K1 ]& w/ T
话说德州居然还承认677分的老托福,还有这个Option可以选,看来新东方原先工作还是有市场的。。 ...

" M0 E7 V# d8 L8 {- l& p6 o8 h在Arizona也是,这种PBT现在还有,只是因为新东方的辛勤劳作,所以这种test在中国大陆取消了
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