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若干年前UTCSSA给DPS写了一封信,依据认为中国不是维也纳reciprocity agreement协定的签署国,因此不能不能在德州合法开车,而另一个叫做ROC的国家才可以。这个说法被广为引用,并且流传于中文网络。我昨晚进行了考证,认为此说法实为误解。: v  b3 t, E6 X& h
/ e; U1 n9 |) [6 T2 M* d! o- g
德州法律   Texas Administrative Code 15.91 就international reciprocity 进行了明文规定。9 R* p7 M/ U6 o" h' [

" i! [7 {- F& fInternational reciprocity. International reciprocity in driver licensing between a state in the United States and another nation is determined, first, by international agreements between the United States and other countries, and, second, in the absence of any international agreement, by individual state laws. The Department of Public Safety complies with all driver license reciprocal agreements. As of March, 1972, the 1949 World Convention on International Road Traffic was in force in the following countries:
9 R, [: l0 s* a6 ]' y" V' X# c, B
9 c3 H! @) B: I说的很明白,如果驾驶员来自一个与美国签署了双边国际协定(主要是49年维也纳协议)的国家,由所签协定决定他们驾照在texas的international reciprocity,这个code在后面有实施细则,来自这些国家的驾驶员,持有本国驾照加IDP(国际驾照),可以在德州合法开一年车,这条规定在网络上广为人知,txdmv的网站也有。 第二,如果没有国际双边协定,由有关州法律说了算
* P( K8 r5 M9 h+ D) {1 L
) h* w* T2 c7 a% P0 j! T) [由此,所在国与德州政府有 reciprocity agreement,并不是在德州合法开车的必要条件。没有任何证据表明,凭国内驾照不能在德州开车。事实上德州DPS的网站说的很明白,来自外州和外国的驾驶员,凭其驾照可在德州合法开车3个月
  Y# w$ E% b$ C0 g: a
+ }9 V5 F. i) D: Q4 d* S, F$ yAn individual can legally drive with a valid, unexpired driver license from another state or country for up to 90 days after moving to Texas.
; u8 j, l; y+ V, k& J5 V3 h& dhttp://www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/movingtotexas.htm
5 x: D. Q$ X2 t/ H$ V# W+ D# ]& \+ S/ ?

/ D, a$ V. B+ I" I- U
 楼主| 发表于 2013-4-1 23:36:37 | 显示全部楼层
( R, v4 N7 k; q2 K" ?, m5 j' `$ q, o: x8 I, m
DONOTREPLY_CustomerSupport <DONOTREPLY_CustomerSupport@dps.texas.gov>
, @& G( I' j' v1 g0 F& j; @; w+ z# X
Thank you for giving the Department the opportunity to respond to your email inquiry.
Your father can drive in Texas with his license from China for up to ninety days, however, if he has an International license he can drive in Texas for up to one year. He must have his Chinese driver license when he drives in Texas at all times.                                                
I hope this information is helpful.  Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/customer service/defaults.aspx or 512-424-2600 should you have additional questions or need further assistance.
" q- y1 w) w5 J" x

3 _( k- t0 `6 ^8 b
Customer Service Representative
Texas Department of Public Safety
Customer Service Center1 m6 P5 j$ ?+ S) M* J! q
This message contains information which may be confidential and privileged.  Unless you are the addressee (or authorized to receive for the addressee), you may not use, copy or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message.  If you have received this in error, please delete the message.

' n+ ^# ]) a6 z1 E8 o
From: xxx@utexas.edu [mailto:xxxx@utexas.edu] 9 b6 |+ p7 ]& G8 [
Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2013 11:49 PM
! i" i6 s$ N1 N7 U+ i* YTo: Customer Service
9 m" u$ X+ B6 Z3 E" A' zSubject: OTHER DL

) U; G4 _# T3 Z6 y" @/ a: z  V
- z0 V. |( ~( Q* O( N7 }
  J2 D( ?; W7 D- x$ hComments: Dear Sir or Madam My father is going to visit Austin, TX for a month this summer from People's Republic of China holding a B1/B2 visa . He has a valid driving permit issued by chinese government. i have two questions: (1) can he drive legally in Texas? (2) what documents does he need to carry? thank you very much
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www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/customer service/defaults.aspx 这个链接打不开,请楼主更新。6 ~0 T. l" V- @$ [% ]' s, s9 i
发表于 2013-4-2 07:56:07 | 显示全部楼层
 楼主| 发表于 2013-4-2 10:49:44 | 显示全部楼层
Captain 发表于 2013-4-2 06:33
, E7 S6 M9 l4 ~) r$ I+ Bwww.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/customer service/defaults.aspx 这个链接打不开,请楼主更新。7 X: j) M% ^2 P* P$ j
更新后表 ...
' m+ q9 T/ v" d$ C+ m
 楼主| 发表于 2013-4-2 10:55:54 | 显示全部楼层
mlq90103 发表于 2013-4-2 13:56
0 c1 ~7 O% N1 t5 N+ D那种中介办的国际驾照靠谱不?

0 d& _0 j! F4 D) x8 u, S全是假的( _" I, i- |7 ?& g& p
IDP(international driver permit)是由签署国的相关政府机构发的,从法律角度说只是一个认证的翻译件,必须和驾照一起用才有效
8 W7 a; H$ r3 b" l/ `+ x美国的IDP都是由AAA和另一个机构签发的4 l0 u# S) X5 x% q, ?
中国没有任何相关机构签发,任何国际驾照对中国人而言其实都是废纸: a$ t! V5 ~( Y
0 {/ Z" l4 L7 z# f# u" P
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$ q8 w- h  I' v& y% gDPS网站确实说持未过期驾照90天内可以在德州开车,并没有提到缔约国的限制
' f6 s. M6 d1 s$ d, s: ^" UAn individual can legally drive with a valid, unexpired driver license from another state or country for up to 90 days after moving to Texas. ' B2 O- W/ z0 g; ]. [
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lastman907 发表于 2013-4-2 10:55
% i/ e& v* D7 a# i1 n2 V5 {全是假的
, r* U# L1 h; P; F$ GIDP(international driver permit)是由签署国的相关政府机构发的,从法律角度说只是一个认证的 ...
0 ]. ]" o' U( r/ ?* v
我看了一个中介,办的是IAA的,international automobile association,不知道这个行不行
' H$ `4 P: b4 z  p/ C9 O9 m$ H流程是中国驾照换香港驾照,再换国籍驾照~~看起来挺真的样子, j% a4 B% h( m" Z$ l4 L
7 @, F3 d0 S* R0 b
5 T' O& S! n  c
! a6 ^7 z5 V/ J! G$ Q: [' o. \您能帮我看看吗?非常感谢!
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发表于 2013-5-8 12:45:12 | 显示全部楼层
; H# O9 H$ B" ]& ~2 T
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