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招聘Loan Processor (Sponsor H1B)

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爱维贷款(Ivy Mortgage, Inc.)总部位于马里兰州,分别在CA, MD, TX, WA设有分公司。因业务增长,需招聘一至二名中英文流利的新员工。具体要求如下:
  • 职位: Loan Processor
  • 本科及以上学历
  • 工作地点: 休斯顿
  • 需要有工作许可,公司可办理工作签证及绿卡
  • 有意者请将简历及其它相关材料发送至: career(at)ivymtg.com
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Ivy Mortgage, Inc. is a leading provider of home mortgages headquartered in Fulton, Maryland. By staffing our office with only the most talented employees, we are able to provide individualized financial solutions to each client we serve. Our broad range of services continues to grow, along with our client base, which includes congressmen, professional athletes, and presidents of Fortune 500 companies. Each month, hundreds of clients benefit from our favorable refinancing and purchasing rates. Ivy Mortgage is seeking one to two Loan Processors to join our Houston branch.
Job Description:
  • Prepare initial loan application and disclosures for borrowers to sign
  • Inquire, organize, and initial review loan documents from borrowers
  • Assist underwriter to gather necessary documents
  • Stay in touch with borrower and other related parties to answer questions and to provide updates of the loan process
  • Coordinate with closer, insurance company, and title company to complete the loan closing process
  • Other jobs assigned by Branch Manager or the Company
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  • The right attitude
  • Highly motivated
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detail oriented
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We Sponsor H1B work visa and Green Card for qualified individuals.
Job Type: Full-time
Job Location:
  • Houston, TX
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