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【CSSA 招聘】张哲瑞联合律师事务所Law Clerk Position

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Immediate Opening Law Clerk in Houston TX
Zhang & Associates, P.C.
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General Description:
Zhang & Associates, P.C. is a national Immigration law firm with offices in Houston; Chicago; New York; Austin, Los Angeles; Palo Alto, and Seattle, WA. (Website: www.hooyou.com)
We have two clerk/intern position immediate open at our Houston, Texas office.
We offer competitive compensation, exciting career advancement opportunities, and excellent benefits such as medical insurance and 401K, etc.

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1.Contact clients, gather information and documents, and prepare application forms.
2.Proofread documents before case filing while adhering to set guideline and deadlines.
3.Conduct legal research, draft correspondence and brief, and prepare all necessary documents for case filing.
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1.Bachelor's degree (Or LLM degree) with high GPA;
2.Excellent English communication skills;
3.Be able to work effectively as a team member to meet deadlines;
4.Strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude;
5.Experience in immigration law firm setting would be a strong plus.
Zhang & Associates, P.C. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Additional Info:
To apply for this opportunity, please send cover letter with your resume as a Microsoft Word attachment to jen.li@hooyou.com. Please put down your email title in this order: expected hourly rate, date of earliest availability for work, GPA, school, year of graduation.
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