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[家具居家] 帮室友Jim Wall卖家具

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我室友美国人,住FW The Ridge 3456 N Hills Dr,现要搬走卖家具。
- ]9 W/ u' g% \% b; K9 r5 s# h7 L/ D9 D! e: \& k% h: P0 g
1. Coffee Table $25. Excellent condition. Must be able to pick up. Cash only.
7 l: d- T) I: {: b! l2. Dining room table and chairs for sale: $25 for both table and three chairs in good condition, two chairs need repair. 3 @' q. _& V! t( i6 s/ ~9 S0 v  m
Must be able to pick up. Cash only.
; e9 @, |' |+ Y# G3 j/ `  {3. Couch for sale. $200  Excellent condition. Must be able to pick up. Cash only.$ W! H$ I- ~$ }( O
5 ?' g1 h# h' v$ k5 }6 N: c+ L* H
. p) g/ p" i0 M: h' C4 l* A0 S. R" B0 c) v/ R+ o9 `: k+ }1 I
tel: 512-745-7514; z3 o% l$ t% v6 [. y% b8 I7 q/ o" }
e-mail: jimcwall@yahoo.com! f2 }1 I6 {+ C% _5 `  l: P3 I
9 M: k" C7 u0 {/ g. c6 R

coffee table

coffee table



table and chairs

table and chairs
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