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Hiring Civil Engineer 招聘土木工程师,支持OPT&H1B

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1 Q7 F6 d& [6 p1 ]/ L* z$ \
* V: Z2 F9 T+ ~8 h3 G7 T% AHSU Realty Company  Y/ O3 B, f8 j* u" h. i, r
Austin, TX
+ k9 J1 x; a% H  `7 ^www.hsurealty.com% O* T2 |9 V6 }$ {5 p, b2 n
; [" h2 F; u8 X. a8 ^2 s& B
HSU Realty is a fast growing real estate company based in Austin, TX. Our company manages acquisition, leasing, renovation, construction, maintenance, and resell of the real estate. We are now looking for a full-time full-time civil engineer.1 D0 T* h, w! i4 Z4 C- @
  f# G4 t! S$ k- b
Job requirement:# p. g+ e+ y# b9 E
-- Bachelor or master degree in the US in engineering or related major$ Q  V: y# l5 L) ]; ?/ O
-- Must have stayed in the US for over 2 years
& J" o: Y% k0 J7 P-- Proficient with AutoCAD drawing or othere design software6 U. w* ^5 U& ?+ @, E. c
-- Excellent planning, organizational, and time-management skills  
% Q7 r9 J$ r6 T( G-- Must be willing to take hands-on projects such as maintenance, retrofit, and other construction works# |( u+ \) N* u4 L1 q' T
-- Meet and exceed expectations by ensuring accurate, complete, and timely communication and work product4 \. F, ]( w" G
-- Produce calculations, drawings, proposals, procurement documents, designs, technical reports, and detailed analysis of a variety of projects
; {# L5 G2 T1 E* R% v: v+ x" r-- Excellent characters such as honesty, punctuation, diligence, humbleness, responsible.* c% Y& J. j+ p* k. W- L

" X- w4 t, g( D8 _3 CWe offer competitive compensate package and sponsor H1-B visa. CPT and OPT students are welcome! If you relocate from other cities, lodging will be provided.
3 K9 y5 r/ b5 Z* W8 y' s5 Y/ \: u0 `7 m% E0 ?( h  Q  W1 @+ ?* |
Please send your resume to christina@hsulaw.com& Q1 A& c4 p/ E; s5 j. B
8 s" ?& n1 h, \) Y+ P* ], ?$ _5 u
发表于 2017-11-17 13:12:03 | 显示全部楼层
up up - we are still hiring.
发表于 2018-2-2 06:37:50 | 显示全部楼层
0 t0 m: A% a+ L+ J2 p, q. L8 x$ {
5 |  K6 W5 b! J7 p& }, X* _' E
1 @' h+ K1 A3 c) G

- M5 \' {( J5 i3 F) L" B3 d) |  c% n. L: L: ~
+ W2 t$ X3 O- j8 }
% H; K/ u( O/ \* P6 V7 O
3 t8 k5 J" a/ X; Y/ `, j
, N. d" G, S: ^" {
+ f  ?, N" t0 V$ c3 y9 T9 R5 a
0 H) _2 c5 n# s* [
: E; ^6 T" N- r( v
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