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【圣诞节活动】Christmas Eve Service and Dinner (on Saturday)

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Christmas Eve Service and Dinner (on Saturday)

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When: December 23, 2017 @ 4:00 pm– 10:00 pm
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Experience a worship service thatwill amaze all of your senses. Following this amazing experience will be aspecial Christmas dinner. The evening will be capped off by touring someincredible Christmas lighting at American homes.
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2 |0 z1 }" s" g7 M2 `* V8 U% xChristmas is a very special time of year forChristians. It is the time the we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus. Everyyear Hill Country Bible Church gives as a gift to the community, a ChristmasEve service (actually 8 of them).

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Theservice is structured to provide a warm atmosphere in which we are reminded ofthat day when God came to earth in the person of a baby … a baby that would oneday provide the sacrifice to provide a path for humans into God’s presence inheaven. This warm atmosphere is created by excellent music, specialparticipation from the children, candle lighting (you will have one of thecandles to be lit), special effects, and singing traditional Christmas carols.
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Followingthe service, we move to Chris’ and Yvonne’s home for a specially prepared Christmasdinner. After a special time getting to know new friends. ! ^  i; h9 s+ V/ s6 Y* y/ V) S
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We will conclude the evening byviewing magnificent lighting in nearby neighborhoods.
To to www.isi-austin.org for moreinformation and to register (you must register by Thursday the 21st)  for this amazing event.  There is no cost to you.
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