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Boston Consulting Group 波士顿咨询公司 PhD MD JD 招聘宣传

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波士顿咨询公司将于3月8日晚,在ATT Conference Center,Section AB of the Ballroom 7:00pm-9:00pm 进行PhD,MD, JD (统称  B3 t% Y. z) H. {( N+ T& Y3 n

9 R/ p2 I4 Y' z' Z5 zADC)的招聘宣传/ W9 B! }" E* q  I
& B- \1 e. ]! W# w! h
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2 O1 g1 d0 C" `# P, Z4 w
3 ?/ x7 i& }! C8 S0 H+ U5 B! c0 X2 w* }0 y; Q$ D
Interested in Management Consulting?
+ O3 [( l! o8 q9 C0 I4 f+ c/ Z6 HThe Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy. We
6 `0 C! L1 ^8 b; I+ h  [) i2 j  i9 P9 \& K: b9 P7 G# ]
partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value
" g- _, c9 x7 d8 B. g/ b9 P% d) F9 K3 `( ~# q: @* F  l3 v
opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises.; u9 U/ \6 V7 \' `! w, Q

, F) I4 K$ F. H6 [: m) BWe will be holding an Information Session on Tuesday, March 8th, 7:00pm-9:00pm for University of Texas at Austin JD, PhD
& o8 s# |9 q2 h, r
' O1 F# H4 e& ~3 ]: U7 T% sstudents, and post-docs interested in full-time career opportunities at BCG, and also to learn more about our three day Bridge to
6 L9 Y* A; a! O' f; `5 K
6 `. d+ t; r- }, r( P- _; y$ [BCG summer program.3 y. r# m( O$ [2 K+ \" b; s

2 o. O) e3 t- P2 z$ WThis event will take place at:
! t, j; |1 `! A5 i4 a' a7 |5 z; z: l2 r% t. T
The AT&T Conference Center
% g4 {1 L; f7 S1 R8 zSection AB of the Ballroom
: r- Q( O1 {" ?7 m" O8 R1900 University Ave3 t$ x% _4 P0 z# X  J$ U
Austin, TX 78705
8 F5 R+ E9 u2 f$ ?
2 R; W" ?# A' w$ R5 p- a1 bPlease use the following link to RSVP: https://talent.bcg.com/Events?folderId=10006579! r4 ?! b4 g' C* ?+ V

; N: r- V! [8 w/ b# pBridge to BCG" C3 [0 o0 k3 c# r; [- b
Bridge to BCGis a three day workshop for advanced degree candidates being held this summer and will allow participants to test 2 p! F3 S+ v% y/ h1 Q

0 z- M  Y7 I4 T, c4 sdrive consulting and:
: r/ }  L# A9 m/ i' a- find out about consulting and get to know BCG
: g2 p& ]* q- }: Y. X- participate in a realistic case team experience
4 `6 }8 F8 V6 g: K) h# \# r& A- learn from BCG's thought leaders1 D2 V" Q* ]/ h$ s' l% H' ~
- meet BCG consultants and students during social and educational events- q+ H. {, x# L2 w2 R( }& d

/ k2 I% o2 H( m9 wTo apply for this program, please visit http://bit.ly/SouthBridgeApplication2018 - Applications for Bridge to BCG are being * t  P3 h. O7 p' @2 _) h

2 h1 D! h3 P3 k1 j' \, \accepted until April 10, 2018.

2 k( S9 k" i3 _
3 ]" \" D7 P; C1 B; t) [0 |Travel and meal expenses will be covered. This workshop is specifically for advanced degree candidates (PhDs, MDs, post-docs, and
) p  o  w1 g7 l. y! m1 Q; z  y/ X, m0 ^9 P3 m$ r4 p& R% b1 \
JDs) expecting to finish in 2019. If you are currently a practicing MD or in residency, or a post-doc, the 2019 graduation date ! K$ W/ ~. e' `/ J/ ]+ k5 C" m
  e4 n$ ?( G0 O0 Z
requirement does not apply.
; `" ~$ T( s! \/ LFor all Bridge applicants, we are looking for people interested in potentially starting a consulting career in 2019.5 N- A1 E  ^( N+ E
/ \" y$ U. a0 b; V% u: V8 @3 z
Full Time Career Opportunities8 g, l# U( [+ Q; d. f1 Q' _# E
In addition, we are actively looking for Advanced Degree Candidates pursuing a PhD, MD, JD, or Post-doc and will discuss the
- D- _) h* A- D) T' }$ ]7 S5 R$ a  Q0 J
application process and details for full-time career opportunities in 2018.
& Q, b6 _5 w* ?- yTo apply for a full time position with a start date in 2018, please visit: http://apply.bcg.com/University_Texas - Applications
& y6 b4 _3 J5 ~7 p2 s; M/ x/ m; Q* E3 V) F) `" z1 l/ c+ y/ H
for full-time 2018 positions are being accepted until April 10, 2018.) k. g* B' m" }/ ]" i7 `: D- I
Please note: There will be another application deadline at the end of the summer for those interested in full time opportunities 6 A; C2 d& ?4 q& \, U

! }& x9 }# d: ^$ ]1 m- }$ {. |7 Ain 2019. If you are not able to start until 2019, please do not apply to the link above.; @; c8 x; n- i' s- }. y
$ C! s* y1 k5 Y% k
We look forward to helping you along the recruiting path towards BCG.  Please contact Olivia Turgeon with any questions % z0 ~/ O- _5 V5 `0 J! y

8 E6 r. q+ p3 u: gjobs.de@outlook.com.
8 k; C' z) d* C- R8 W
( D1 B  M0 j0 cThank you,$ p0 C  P8 H- P

* O8 Q; Q3 Q$ C% s: OThe BCG Dallas ADC Recruiting Team
, n8 a0 M4 ]$ X- s
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* B( K0 c! v' \, I0 B" q4 H7 f4 L/ B
+ ]( P; F  g* f. N

8 ?: N4 B. e0 H1 U7 x& a% B- n' u7 d; S* c8 L

0 P1 R" P) P% `6 B% `' [% C, U; E7 P% `

$ }' _' L- ^2 S6 K( m4 R# K+ K9 i
' O( p/ {% k) }* }* i  C5 m0 y6 E, |0 e) J' o' c+ k

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