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http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/utsw/cda/dept26491/files/94113.html#txdlreq/ I8 \" ~* c  w. E: _' P
由 闪闪@ChE 提供
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3 n: X' x6 M. ]$ f7 c2 P注意看本段最后一句话!
: r. y$ U* T& {8 |) r9 N) \+ R+ J# x% \2 u2 e0 y' e8 Y
[url=]Texas Driver's License Requirements/International Driver's License[/url]Generally, a person 18 to 75 years of age with a valid out-of-country driver license in their possession may drive a private, non-commercial motor vehicle in the State of Texas for up to one year from date of entry into the United States, if your home country has reciprocity with the U.S. In order to check for reciprocity agreement status, click on Reciprocity In Driver Licensing or you may contact License Issuance at (512) 424-5089 or by e-mail at license.issuance@txdps.state.tx.us. Please note that Chinese Nationals do not have a reciprocity agreement.
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If your country does not have a reciprocity Driver's License agreement with Texas. An International Driver's License will have to be obtained for driving in the U.S. particularly if your stay will be for less than a year. Texas Department of Public Safety has stringent rules regarding the length of stay and the ability to obtain a Texas Driver's License.& t+ C  m/ v7 D  o" p. r- g0 b8 }, Q

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Wangj 发表于 2013-3-24 18:16
& A& a2 J( U; R# O- X7 }楼主的说法跟 TxDPS的说法矛盾,按Texas Department of Public Safety 网站的说法,90天内外国驾照是有效的 ...
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“New Texas residents can legally drive with a valid, unexpired driver license from another U.S. state, U.S. territory, Canadian province, or qualifying country for up to 90 days after moving to Texas.”% U7 q- ^* P. T! l+ Y
http://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/movingtotexas.htm. Q) t" s8 Y. |; |! A
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& l! c. X5 c2 C5 K$ ]3 G6 j2 `为了更快收到报告,付款后请发邮件(同上),注明VIN、何种报告以及论坛ID (仅针对顶贴者).
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. Z# Z! ~, E& G0 M- y4 V7 T' ]
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本帖最后由 zmhpanda 于 2011-8-21 21:38 编辑 $ {( \& x0 Z. V

+ @, a  u# ~2 @/ c严格意义上来说,的确如此,8过。。。
. x5 M3 T2 x4 `' N) o9 O0 ^. L( h% H4 l4 B$ K' C5 v2 T
大部分人都不懂滴,包括租车公司的人员 ~
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shanshan2050 发表于 2011-8-21 21:38 + S$ A8 C$ i+ j: n; s' \
  ?9 a6 ?7 E. [! |4 I0 J) N
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现在针对驾照问题提问,还有人回答吗1 I" |7 O8 v2 C& ?, ^4 O- p! q2 m

8 Y3 o& U- [& Y, X9 b/ }请问:中国驾照如何换国际驾照呢?  $ u" b- I- O# D# C! Q9 ?
: _- ]2 P& n) C, }5 P      另:如果短期来德州,没有SSN,能去DPS考驾照吗?.........
3 s) O9 w6 \/ L& A# @. J非常感谢!
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楼主的说法跟 TxDPS的说法矛盾,按Texas Department of Public Safety 网站的说法,90天内外国驾照是有效的。. v  b7 R4 r& C/ u; E
An individual can legally drive with a valid, unexpired driver license from another state or country for up to 90 days after moving to Texas.
2 B# D4 x) E# Z% y0 f3 q5 o3 Z" d8 rhttp://www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/movingtotexas.htm
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顶!d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b
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