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每发一次租房广告,就会收到2封如下邮件!/ K( G4 O" k5 _# a# E- x
I NEED A PLACE ASAP‏! H( B; h' l) ~- c* L( g6 F
, @* x+ R. {/ C; ~5 O
Mary Lee (ljsoukup@optonline.net)2 {. x4 d! P/ H2 y

! U! q, w; T* f% j 添加至 "联系人"
9 P) ]1 c1 p  r( ~, F5 z& ?; x( K0 |& q' }9 x
13:34 ! ^3 g# L" U, v
Good day,
- m- A$ a! l9 |5 ]. F7 } 2 f+ v) m; ]: _; D2 A/ E
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am replying to your / ~6 T" `7 T" |" Q
advert about your place for rent, My name is Mary, I am a 28 years old
' d5 `# X6 z( ?- p) Kfemale and I work full time, Monday through Friday and have weekends off
% I+ o  a) X* }' O) nexcept for once a month. I was born and in Seoul and raised in America, 9 s! c* e5 H& c# b! m3 [
but presently in Turkey on a business trip for more than 3
7 Y5 o0 b* D9 v, z' Tmonths.......I am a professional Computer Consultant and I deal in 7 W/ ^; v2 I2 n$ {
various kinds of computer applications and software. I am very dedicated ( z3 D4 x( f) h  B
individual who is totally committed to human development, friendly, very
1 B3 z% h/ I6 M$ Q1 Strustworthy and value relationship above anything. I am a laid back - k. e) H) ^$ L
person, I love traveling, sporting and Enjoy meeting people around the 9 P6 f# v, r" Y4 D% J; p5 X
world. I came across your advert about your place for rent and i am 9 |- c* Q. V- \, e( ~! o; L8 n3 @
extremely interested in renting your place and i will like Answers to My
7 o/ @' I- ~0 Q! K- K$ K- w- `5 yquestions Below about your place for rent:
' v; S$ F, J" l8 {: W1 @ ' y: f" F+ Z1 K( D0 V7 x" t& m
I will like you to have the rent fee per month plus the ) c* j+ h, e. j7 I3 v0 [' H) b. X
utilities,Description of the Place, size, pictures and the equipments in
& t4 ~: K  ?, ^, a) Ythere,names of Major areas Like, Markets, Malls, Churches,Gym.Taxi
1 m, {$ Z+ y% U$ b- i1 P- PPark,Churches,Restaurants and bars,e.t.c
! v- Z0 c" F5 j) f1 L  W4 p$ R7 N $ c4 g! y; d( Q5 p2 D) r6 G& [( G
I will also like to know if I can make an Advance Payment ahead my
: H, Y6 m* P1 X6 T3 Jarrival as a kind of commitment that I am truly coming over and for you
; `: g; R; l0 X& K( c1 Q5 Uto hold the place down for me since i planned coming to the states to + j' P1 G6 Y: N5 r
set up my own business.I will be much glad and happy if you can get back
2 F/ Z: R8 B+ R! P. b9 a& I8 ?' g( lto me with answers to my questions above as soon as possible so as to
; z8 Q9 u* k# L% o. D. B- }arrange for you to get the payment before my arrival to hold and
7 c8 e& v" a8 Y. zconsider the place is mine.9 T# u( X0 a* b3 l

# [% H9 c9 S9 f: {3 l  ?I Await your Reply ASAP
5 n$ D& V( k) v$ H4 K+ n0 L$ G& u
; d4 ^8 y2 w: K: J- I  CMary Lee
发表于 2013-6-24 20:23:33 | 显示全部楼层
要是要租房的 就約個視訊 對方要是不敢 鐵定是詐騙~ 屢試不爽..
发表于 2013-7-2 23:00:37 | 显示全部楼层
中国人的智慧在这还混不开,其他民族怎么过?!& f) H! P- d: @/ I$ S) |: n/ q/ N
发表于 2014-5-10 23:37:32 | 显示全部楼层
发表于 2014-5-14 17:05:58 | 显示全部楼层
发表于 2014-5-31 21:43:21 | 显示全部楼层
这个有点可怕。。。感谢提醒 大家一定要注意!!
发表于 2014-8-14 16:41:28 | 显示全部楼层
the information is useful!!!
发表于 2014-8-23 22:47:48 | 显示全部楼层
发表于 2015-2-20 20:46:36 | 显示全部楼层
谢谢楼主的分享  对新生很有用
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